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5 Ways to Impress Corporate Clients at a Luncheon

A corporate luncheon provides a great avenue for you to give back to your clients, engage with them, and have fun in general. Since the luncheon is quite important, you want everything to go according to plan to ensure satisfaction for everybody that attends. Various ways exist through which you can make corporate clients content with a luncheon. This article looks at five ways you can throw a great luncheon.

  1. Offer Great Food

A perfect and ideal corporate lunch must include an array of impeccable delicious options with accompanying drinks and desserts. You can opt to offer great and friendly bites or even boxed combos, which are perfect, as they do not necessitate numerous visits to a buffet. This could include varying sandwiches or bento boxes.

You can also offer bespoke culinary accents, which will allow you to accommodate everyone and provide all forms of dietary requests. This simply means that you can be able to cater for vegetarians and possibly offer distinct main and gluten-free dishes. Low-carb meals and koshers are another way of ensuring that the menu is quite varied.

The menu should be extensive and diversified to include traditional classics and other salads that can satiate even the fussiest eaters. To ensure a great experience for everyone, you have to investigate and figure out whether your clients have any issues, preferences or allergies to specific types of food.

  1. Entertainment

You cannot have a great luncheon without proper entertainment. Playing simple and soft music and having audiovisual acoustics can go a long way in ensuring you have the right ambience and an improved atmosphere of the corporate luncheon. You can also decide to hire performers or entertainers. This could entail a musician, a spoken word artist, a comedian or even an impersonator just to make the luncheon come alive. With the right form of entertainment, you can be sure that the luncheon is not bland and boring.

  1. Perfect Layout and Decor

A simple but elegant d├ęcor could leave a long lasting impression on your clients. A simple but nice arrangement, and some fantastic-looking centerpieces and florals can help accentuate everything hence rendering a very great impression. This could be coupled by amazing lighting spawning from candles or even balloons. Well-designed and colored linen also helps create a very amazing scenery. You should not forget the stage, as it needs to be properly laid out and set thus hugely impressing the invited corporate clients.

  1. Location

It might seem like a very great and appealing idea for you to opt for the latest and coolest spot in town with the goal of impressing your corporate clients. However, this is not always the best choice for a great luncheon. For you to impress your clients the most, settle for the common and ordinary restaurant where you most preferably know the owner and the staff. This will ensure that you get a preferential treatment and more so, it will be amazing since you are already acquainted with your surroundings.

In order to make your clients happy, ensure that you opt for a very quiet and serene place where you can comfortably talk without the need to raise your voices. As highlighted earlier, consulting your clients is very vital to verify whether they have any dietary restrictions. Doing this helps ensure, for instance, you do not take them to a steakhouse and some of them are vegetarian. Such an action would not leave a very favorable impression.

  1. Beverages

Most corporate luncheons do not include a wet bar but you ought to serve a wide array beverages to your clients. Apart from alcohol, you can go the extra mile and offer alternatives such as energy drinks or flavored water. You could also serve them coffee or tea as great staples.

Since a corporate luncheon is a unique event, it should incorporate sophisticated details. This is because the image you leave behind at the luncheon will dictate the impression regarding your professionalism at work in general.

The aforementioned points that are a hallmark of a great luncheon cannot all be achieved on your own. This is where the need of a caterer comes in to ensure that your corporate luncheon. Since they have the needed experience and expertise, they can make your corporate luncheon a major success hence also hugely influencing the professionalism depicted by the same. Since the event will dictate your future undertaking with your clients, it should be perfect and without blemish since caterers cater to impress.

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