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Catering Ideas for a Party

Parties are a good time to meet, chat, and catch up with friends and family. However, these things cannot be accomplished without some great food. Unfortunately, choosing the right meal for a party can be very challenging. Lucky for you, this article is going to solve that problem and show you some great ideas when catering for a party.

  • Baked Potato Bar

The good thing about baked potato as a party meal is that potato is cheap, easy to prepare and goes with any type of group, including kids. It makes a great dinner and lunch meal, thus it can be served with any kind of toppings. You just have to bake the potatoes in the crockpot and keep them until you serve them straight from the pot. A great topping idea that goes with baked potato is taco, veggies and fruit salad.

  • Pasta Bar

Pasta is another great catering idea for a party because it is also cheap and easy to prepare. You can pasta just moments before the party begins because it only takes a few minutes. Just like with baked potato, this one too goes with almost any kind of toppings and better still, you can make some chili soup to be served together with the pasta. Alternatively, you can make the pasta and let the guests come with different toppings so that everyone can have a taste of different menus. However, it is not a very great catering idea if you will be having some kids around.

  • Salad Bar

A vegetable salad will be a great topping for any kind of meal and can be served at different times of the day. A fruit a salad, on the other hand, makes a great catering idea for a lunch party. It is the easiest catering idea for a party since all you have to do is buy the fruits and cut them into small pieces, either in cubes or rings. You can cut the fruits overnight, cover them and refrigerate until the party time. Despite this, you should be careful when serving a fruit salad, in the mid-morning and after lunch. This is because after you serve your guests with a fruit salad just before a meal, they will expect you to serve them with a meal since fruits are usually considered as an appetizer.

  • Soup or Chili Bar

Chili soup is easy to prepare since all you have to do is choose your ingredients right. Make the soup some moments before the party so that by the time your guests arrive, it will still be warm. The best thing about a chili soup bar is that it can go with just almost any type of toppings. Please be advised that a chili soup bar is not a good idea if you have kids because the chili can be quite harsh for them. Again, they keep moving up and down so they will sprinkle it almost everywhere. Similarly, if the guests are not seated at the table, note that that the soup will not be friendly with this kind of party. You will be left with lots of spills to clean because it is hard for the guests not to spill the soup.

  • Cookies

Everyone loves the taste and look of a cookie at one point in time, even if you are on a diet. You can bake them overnight and refrigerate them until the party time the next day. Alternatively, you can request your guests to come with their cookies so that you can have a variety to taste from. Cookies can be served with a glass of wine, champagne, coffee, and tea. Cookies go with just any type of party and are friendly with just anyone, especially ladies and kids. It is cheap and easy to prepare, hence it is a great catering idea for a party.

If you are throwing a party, some easy foods such as baked potato bar, salad bar, soup, and cookies make incredible catering options that you should consider. However, as much as these ideas seem easy to prepare, sometimes it can be hectic to prepare and still have time with your guests. At this stage, this is where a caterer comes in. Hiring professional caterers can help eliminate this hassle for you, leaving you with as much time as possible to enjoy the party with your guests. Even as you look for a caterer do the job, check for their customer reviews and ratings since not all caterers can do a great job.

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