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Common Catering Mistakes You Do Not Want to Happen at Your Event

It is true to say that mistakes do happen at events. Most of these mistakes come because of poor planning. A few slip-ups at an event can be quite expensive. You should thus make the right steps to prevent any issues that might crop up at an event. This article looks at common catering mistakes you do not want to happen at your event and things you can do to deal with them in case they arise.

  • Not Confirming With the Vendors

If you are catering your event by yourself, this is a very crucial bit. You can imagine having agreed with your vendor and you are sure they will deliver, only for them to fail or show up late. This is why you should always confirm with the vendors before the event day.

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You can also ask them where they will get the supplies from so that in case anything goes amiss, you could rush there and get the supplies yourself. It is also wise to have a few vendors on speed dial so that for any reason your selected one fails, you can always call the others and nothing will go wrong.

  • Not Having a Plan B

Now that you have seen that vendors can fail to deliver on the very last day, it is important to note that even the caterer can also fail. You can imagine planning for a music show event but the DJ fails to show up or shows up late. In this case, you need to have a plan B for every aspect of the event. For example, you could have several vendors’ numbers at hand. What you may not realize is that having several vendors at hand can also help you enjoy reduced food prices because you can always compare or negotiate for discounts. In the case of a music show event, you could have a collection of country music on your laptop.

  • Underestimating the Amount of Food

Another great mistake that often happens at people’s events is underestimating the amount of food. This never ends well because the guests can come in large numbers than you had anticipated, in which case you will have hungry people who will also be angry. Experts’ advice is that you should add between 2 and 5 more people to your headcount while planning for the event and picking a catering package accordingly. This will give you peace of mind even if more people than expected turn up for your event.

  • Not Getting Started Early Enough

The biggest mistake that people may ever make during planning for an event is not getting started early enough. This becomes even more serious if you are catering for your event yourself. The success of an event starts with little things rolling days before the event date. For example, when it comes to setting up the venue, start early enough and do one thing at a time until the last bit on the day before the event date. Do not just picture the complete set of the venue but fail to get started.

  • Not Checking For Competing Events

It may not sound like a pressing issue but failing to check for competing events going down on your event day is such a huge mistake. Being aware of the competing events can help you decide whether to go ahead with your event or schedule it to another date. This is because events such a music festival require large crowds and if competing shows are happening close to each other, you may never have enough crowd and this will be a huge loss and disappointment. Checking for such events can also help run an aggressive promotion and draw more crowds to your show. Checking for parallel events can also help you gauge your caterer’s commitment to your event because if they will be overseeing several events, then you know that they will not accord your event the utmost attention.

At the point of hiring a caterer, only go for the best in town and do not forget the staffers. A highly experienced caterer and staffers will help avoid the above mistakes from happening in the first place. Sampling a few caterers can help you compare and pick only the best. You can also grab that opportunity to negotiate for reduced market prices. Anything going wrong at an event will be in people’s minds for the longest time, so go out of your way in preventing such mistakes from happening.

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