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How to Cater For 50 People on a Budget

Planning an event when on a budget is quite tricky because if you are not keen, you may end up allocating one aspect so much money and fail to manage the other aspects. Learning to balance all the event aspects to fit your small budget is the key to a successful event. This article focuses on the little hacks that can help you save so much on cost when throwing an event for about 50 people, while still maintaining a perfect feel, even without your guests realizing it.

  • Cut on Labor Costs

A group of 50 people means that it is a small event that can be held at a restaurant since these are approximately 10 table settings. For this reason, there is no need to have serving staff to move around serving people their favorite meals. Instead, have a buffet so that people can move in a line to serve themselves. This way, you will save the money you would have spent on hiring the service staff. By cutting labor costs by use of a buffet, you also save money since this will limit the amount of food people consume.

  • Control Food Portions

To save money on food, present your guests with a three-course buffet instead of so many courses. This is because many courses will cost you so much money and after all, much of this food goes to waste since not every guest will eat from all the courses. A previous event budget can play a big role in determining the number of servings each guest will eat. Even as you cut on the number of courses, do not forget to use smaller plates.

  • Select a Simple Venue

If you are working on a budget, you should never be tempted to splurge on the cost of hiring a venue. Catering research show that the cost of hiring a venue for an event should not exceed 1/3 of your total budget otherwise you are in for a shocker. That being said, you should choose a simple but a good venue that will make your guests comfortable and happy. Planning your event on a low season can help you cut venue costs because at that moment, most restaurants have fewer bookings and are therefore more likely to charge less or allow you a discount.

  • Forego the Special Tableware

Special tableware like tablecloths, different glasses for different drinks, and many types of cutlery usually cost so much, especially if you are hiring them. You can forego most of these to cut some cost. For example, you can choose a glass that can be used to serve different types of drinks; wine and water, after all, this introduces the feeling of a bar setting. If you are using rustic wood tables, you could let your guests enjoy the natural aesthetic beauty by only spreading a center runner and forego the whole tablecloth. In addition, you can forego the cost of hiring so many types of cutlery by introducing finger foods.

  • Choose Simple Dishes

Keeping things simple is the key to catering for 50 people while working a budget. At this point, you will be required to be creative and come up with some exciting but simple menus for your guests. You still need to put into consideration the preferences of your guests while keeping in mind that food can ruin the whole event if it is not up to the right quality.

  • Make Bar Offerings

Serving coffee and tea at the restaurant bar is another great way to cut on cost, especially if you have some younger people at the event. This is because if you had an urn of coffee or tea, most of it would go to waste since it is unusual for the youth to take hot drinks after meals. This way, you get to save so much since you only pay for the cups of coffee or tea that your guests consume, compared to when you would have paid for a whole urn of coffee, regardless of whether it is finished or not.

Planning to cater for 50 people is trickier than when catering for a bigger number of guests while working on a budget. Bearing this in mind, you need to call in a friend or a caterer to help you. Professional caterers will help you broaden your ideas and weigh in all the available options. They may also give you insights from the lessons they learned from their past events.

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