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Which are the Best Catering Options for a Training Seminar?

There exists a wide array of catering options for a training seminar. You might be in charge of organizing a seminar but still have no clue with regard to how you should proceed. In such a situation, you ought to consider several factors before making your decision in terms of the way the seminar is to be conducted. This includes paying attention to elements such as the number of people that will be present in the seminar and the food and drinks to be served. The option you decide to go for will depend on the vibe and atmosphere you want in the seminar. You should also consider the location of the training seminar, as it will help you opt for a certain catering option. This article looks at various catering options you should consider for a training seminar.

  • Buffet option

There is great contrast between the cocktail option and the buffet option. It entails a lot of food and it is always preferable as a lunch or dinner option. However, in a training seminar, it is vital to realize that this option consumes a lot of space with regard to the setting such as the tables and seats. The participants will usually serve themselves. In rare occasions and if your budget as the seminar organizer allows, you can employ a person to serve the participants thus simultaneously giving the seminar a formal touch and classy feel.

With regard to the food on offer, it would be a great option for a training seminar since the menu is expansive thus there is a wide array of options. This could include red and white meat, seafood and a dessert. Once more, based on the available money set aside for the seminar, you can opt for a hot or cold buffet with the former being relatively expensive. Nevertheless, a buffet is a cheap option for a training seminar. Participants can definitely connect more as they queue for the food. It avails a relatively informal feel that definitely enhances and encourages proper discourse.

  • Sit Down Lunch or Dinner

This works best in a training seminar with less than fifty people. It is perfect for training without any disruptions as everyone is seated. This enhances concentration and the verbal and intellectual exchange is further amplified by the ambience. A sit down lunch or dinner entails a very formal feel and the meal on offer is always very wholesome. It is suitable where the seminar is for your customers or other work related partners. If you desire to organize a training seminar, consider this option as it is easy to plan and schedule since even the menus are provided before the seminar starts.

  • Cocktail Party Option

This entails a very huge table and self-service. The layout is very basic and straightforward. Ideally, a cocktail party does not involve a lot of furniture. An exception can be made just to avail a few tables that can be used by the participants to place their drinks, some cutlery such as spoons, forks and possibly napkins. The food is apportioned into tiny bits thus the participants in the seminar can indulge with ease. A cocktail party is preferable for a training seminar, as it saves money and time. It is also less formal, rendering it very easy for the training participants to connect and network with as many people as possible as they can move more freely.

  • Stand Up Option

This will be fitting in case the participants of the training seminar know each other. If the seminar will involve more than fifty people, a stand up catering option will be the most ideal. It usually leads to a very informal feel that is suited to participants who are more acquainted with each other.

If you are organizing a training seminar but have no idea the kind of catering options to go for, this article has showed some options you should consider. Some of these ideas include a buffet, a sit down lunch or dinner, a cocktail party or a stand up option. When organizing a seminary, it is very crucial for you to remember to create some good intervals between the sessions in the seminar. This ensures that the participants can get a breather and properly focus on the next session. The kind of budget you have and the number of days the seminar is intended to happen should help you decided on the most suitable option for your training seminar based on the aforementioned catering alternatives.

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